I am a Melbourne-based contemporary art photographer, specializing in landscape, architecture and garden photography. I studied design at Swinburne University of Technology National School of Design. Following my degree, I worked as a graphic designer at various studios. During this time I gained experience in photography and art direction.

Following a trip to the Himalayas, my passion for photography grew. I studied traditional film photography techniques, including printing and processing black and white film in the darkroom, and colour landscape photography.

I am drawn to landscapes with a dreamlike quality, evoking the sense of a place that may exist only in our imagination. For me, they evoke a feeling of mystery, to contemplate my existence, my purpose. I feel and see things in life that I want to convey in a way a painter does - that visually, aesthetically is not necessarily a real place but is there to evoke a mood specific to the viewer.

My eye for image making combined with my love of gardens, architecture and design led me to start Pete Squires Studio in 2017, providing garden and architectural photography while continuing to pursue my own personal art projects.

Tertiary Education
1993-1995 Bachelor of Design | Swinburne University of Technology National School of Design, Melbourne

Additional Professional Education
2003 B&W Photography | Photographers Gallery and Workshop, Melbourne
2004 Colour Landscape Photography | Murray Fredericks @ Black Mountain Photographic Workshops, Oberon
2007 Photographers Assistant workshop | Martin Mischkulnig @ Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney
2004-2011 B&W Printing and Processing Film | Gordon Undy @ Point Light Gallery, Sydney

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